Vice President of Afghanistan

Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
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Final holders
  • Amrullah Saleh (First VP)
    19 February 2020 – 15 August 2021 (2020-02-19 – 2021-08-15)
  • Sarwar Danish (Second VP)
    29 September 2014 – 15 August 2021 (2014-09-29 – 2021-08-15)
StatusOffice abolished
Member ofCabinet of Afghanistan
Reports toPresident of Afghanistan
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
First holderSayyid Abdullah
Final holder
Superseded by

The vice president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was the second highest political position attainable in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The vice presidents were elected on the same ticket as the president. A presidential candidate was responsible for nominating two candidates for vice president before the election.

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