Siege of Kandahar

Siege of Kandahar
Part of Qandahar Campaign of 1737
Jahangusha-ye Naderi 09.jpg
Illustration of the siege of Kandahar
DateApril 1737 – 24 March 1738

Afsharid victory

  • End of the Hotaki dynasty[1]
Kandahar and environs were incorporated into Afsharid Persia
Afsharid Persia Hotaki dynasty
Commanders and leaders

Nader Shah

  • Reza Qoli Afshar
  • Mulla Adineh Mostafi Bakhtiari
  • Tahmasp Qoli Khan Jalayer
  • Ahmad Khan Abdali

Hussain Hotaki (POW)

  • Mohammad Seidal Khan (POW)
  • Younis Kakar 
200,000 Tens of thousands
Casualties and losses
Unknown All killed or captured [2]

The siege of Kandahar began when Nader Shah's Afsharid army invaded southern Afghanistan to topple the last Hotaki stronghold of Loy Kandahar, which was held by Hussain Hotaki. It took place in the Old Kandahar area of the modern city of Kandahar in Afghanistan and lasted until March 24, 1738, when the Hotaki Afghans were defeated by the Persian army.

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