Radio Farda

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Radio Farda
Radio Farda logo.png
FormationDecember 2002
PurposeBroadcast Media
HeadquartersPrague Broadcast Center, Prague, Czech Republic
Official language
Mehdi Parpanchi
Parent organization
U.S. Agency for Global Media

Radio Farda (Persian: راديو فردا, lit.'Radio Tomorrow', Radio Farda) is the Iranian branch of the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) external broadcast service for providing "factual, objective and professional journalism" to its audiences. It broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Persian language from its headquarters in the district Hagibor of Prague, Czech Republic.[1]

Radio Farda first aired December 2002. Radio Farda broadcasts news on topics like political, cultural, social, and art with an emphasis on Iran. The name "Farda" means "tomorrow" in Persian. Radio Farda's broadcasts have been continually blocked by Iranian authorities over the history of its programming.[2]

Launched in December 2002 as the successor to RFE/RL's Persian Service with the goal of providing "objective and accurate news and information to counter state censorship and ideology-based media coverage". Radio Farda's new website was launched in 2006 and receives over 3 million page views every month.[3]

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